Thursday, July 10, 2008

Group day out -Shakey's at Jusco

Yesterday (10th July 2008), we(me,mas/ida,wan,indah,mawi,kirin,khalil) went to Jusco Wangsa Maju to eat Shakey's pizza..wee... Although we have to stay back from work until around 8 pm, our journey to Shakey's still goes on..(semangat tu)..

In the first place, we try to wait for bus to arrived the destination. But while we waiting for that damn lembab's bus, mawi gave me a ring. So that, i thinked he should pick us up (since he was driving a car) to sampai the destination as soon as possible(Jusco nanti tutup pukul 10). Then, after within 5 to 10 minutes mawi arrived. After that, we went to where mawi's girl(hani) stayed.

To shorthen the story, sampailah kami di Shakey's pizza(setelah kami disempitkan di dlm kerete.hehe). Time to order!!!!...
Oh ya..mawi's friends also join us..know what? of them was my junior when i was in school(tikl)..he tolds my clique what was me at school..damn!!... he always kutuk me at school..i dont take it as a serious matter becoz i know he is not the only one that kutuk me..(poor me..*sigh..)..being a prefect at of course will hate prefect the most..huhu

we went back at around 10.30pm...we all getting tired...i want to sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Here our picture..=)...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eragon - Movie Review

Here my first movie review..about Eragon..

Eragon story synopsis

Eragon is a 17 year old farm boy named who lives in a small village named Carvahall in the fictional and magical world of Alagaƫsia that contains dragons and other such creatures. While hunting, he finds a dragon egg that is the size of a small cat. From the egg hatches a blue dragon named Saphira. Eragon decides to keep Saphira a secret, but a pair of magical creatures are sent by the King of Alagaesia, Galbatorix, to find Eragon and the dragon. He flees home to find his uncle dead and so sets out on a journey to avenge his Uncle. Accompanied by a wise storyteller named Brom, Eragon and Saphira take up the legacy of legendary Dragon Riders. He learns magic, swordfighting, and dragon-riding to fulfill the legend of the dragon riders and his destiny.

After i see this movie, i found some shot have these term that involves in film criticism :-

1) Extreme Close-up

This shot focus on Eragon's eyes that turn to blue when he's trying to see what Saphira see on her eyes. This shot achieved by setting the camera close to the eyes. So that, it's consider extreme close up.

2) High Angle

Eragon is looking down to his enemies. The shot is consider high angle.

3) Low Angle

Brom is looking up to Eragon which riding on Saphira.This consider low angle.

4) Extreme Long shot

This shot shows Eragon see some enemies
that try to attack Brom
. He is so far from
what he

5) Close up

Shot shows half body of Eragon. This consider close up.

Want more?... How about YOU figure it out..^-^..Thats all for now..


By the way..i dont like writing.. maybe becoz i always dont have any idea what to write..huhu..
im creating this blog because my trainer at SKALI ask me to do that..hee.. so i just do it..
So that, i take this opportunity to babbling..wee..

In the first place, thank you for reading my Blog..=)...